Business Setup

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Business setup

  • Company Formation
  • Government Approvals & Permits
  • Business Consulting
  • Office Setup and Virtual Offices (Ejari)
  • Assistance for Business Bank Account Opening
  • Trade License Renewal. Amendment and Cancellation¬†
  • Initial Approval, Trade Name Reservation, Memorandum etc
  • Amendments in License (Change Location, Add & Remove Partner, Add & Remove Activities etc)
  • Liquidation Appointment Letter
  • Audit & Liquidation Report
We translate a variety of documents, including legal papers, business communications, and personal documents, ensuring accuracy and cultural sensitivity.
Our editors enhance your document's overall quality by focusing on structure, tone, and impact, providing valuable insights for a polished final product.
We cater to both large and small volumes, offering scalable typing and photocopying services tailored to your specific needs.
We handle legal and administrative procedures, ensuring meticulous preparation, review, and submission of paperwork in compliance with regulations.
Our expertise, efficiency, and customer-centric approach make us stand out. We are dedicated to excellence, attention to detail, and client satisfaction in every aspect of document services.

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